Why do we need water damage restoration services?

Severe storms can cause water damage repair

What happens when water threatens our lives?

The East Coast was slammed by Hurricane Matthew on October 16, 2016. In some areas in Eastern North Carolina it had broken records for flooding and caused a life-threatening flood. Homes and buildings located in areas inland, such as Raleigh, NC have not been the most severely affected. Raleigh was not built to deal with the damage caused by Hurricanes. Many homes were also not constructed to be able to survive a hurricane of this size.

The water can be damaged by any storm

The storm does not have to be an actual hurricane in order to damage your home. You should assess any water damage quickly. The damage that is visible, like a pipe that has broken or a hole in the ceiling of your home, may not be all that’s been done. The storm will leave behind water-damaged property, and it’s important that you consult an expert in water damage repair for the destruction of your home. The damage may not be even the most costly to repair.

How to Fix Water Damage Fast

Homeowners can prevent water damage from severe storms by inspecting and maintaining their house regularly. Water destruction may start spreading if not addressed and could become very expensive. You may also encounter issues such as mold and rot. You and your family can suffer from health issues if you have mold. Rotting wood can damage your house and cause structural problems.

Potential Health Hazards

There are many toxic strains of mold which can be a result of the destruction of water. Mold-related short term health problems include fatigue, generalized coughing or rashes. But the dangers of long-term exposure are even more grave. Toxic Mold has been connected to different types of cancer and even life-threatening infection in humans.

A water-related emergency can present a number of health risks. Mold is one. The structural destruction of your home could make it dangerous to be in the house. The rotted wood can become unstable or collapse when you walk on it. The damage can be costly to repair but, more importantly, it may cause bodily injury or death to your family.

Additional Costs of Not Repairing Water Damage Fast

In the event of water damage, most homeowners will have an insurance policy to protect their home. If you do not fix storm damage quickly, it may be that your insurer will no longer pay out for any damages. Contacting a water restoration company is crucial as soon you detect a problem. Again, you have the choice of resolving issues at an early stage without an insurance benefit or investing a huge amount on your own.

What Should You Expect From a Water Damage Restoration Company

You can find many water damage companies, but be sure to choose one that is properly licensed and insured for your state. Good water damage companies do more than simply fix the original cause of the damages. Look for a restoration service that offers services such as ceiling, floor, cabinet, and appliance repairs. It will save you time during this stressful time.
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